How to Choose a Doctor in Bentleigh

Doctor in BentleighChoosing the right doctor to handle your health needs in East Bentleigh is extremely important. You will trust this professional for his/her expertise, advice and to give you appropriate medical care or treatment that may help you overcome ailments and maintain your health and well-being.

When it’s time to choose a doctor in East Bentleigh, it would be wise to carefully think about what you really want and need in a primary care physician. It is also equally important to consider your past medical experiences before deciding which doctor to consult. For example, if you suffer from diabetes, then you need to find a doctor with extensive experience in treating that.

And remember you need to be happy and satisfied with the treatment that you receive, both on the personal level and medical level. Whether you are searching for a primary care physician or a specialist, it’s always a good idea to carry out thorough research to ensure you identify the right match.

A Referral Can Help

Asking friends, family, co-workers and neighbours can be a good way to find a doctor. If you just moved to East Bentleigh and don’t know anyone who has been to them, you could use the internet to find doctors in this area. You could also try contacting the local branch of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) to find out about the doctor’s qualifications, including certifications and license.

Investigate Each Practice

A good way to access the qualities of a doctor would be to make an appointment for a minor, yet necessary medical problem. While at the doctor’s office evaluate the practice’s staff. Is the receptionist or medical assistants helpful and polite? How are they handling other patients? What does the practice look like? Does it have a welcoming feel? Do they seem to be well equipped and up-to-date with the latest in medical technology? Were you kept waiting, and if so, did anyone apologise or offer a reason for the delay?

When you finally get to see the doctor, evaluate the doctor’s performance and his approach. Take note of the doctor’s listening skills and lack thereof. Check if the doctor takes time to listen to and answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. Does the doctor speak to you in a respectful manner? Does he or she seem to only want to prescribe medication? Answering these questions will help you to narrow down and pick the right doctor for you in East Bentleigh. Don’t forget to check the procedures for weekdays, evenings, weekends and emergencies.