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InvisalignMost adults now-a-days are looking for straightening of their teeth. This has become more important these days as people are becoming more conscious about their smile. Straightening of teeth is making used of braces or clear aligners. However, without using your normal braces you can still realign your teeth easily. The aligners that are used are comfortable, clear and can be removed completely. Except during drinking, eating, cleaning and sporting activities they are worn all the time.

The treatment of invisalign involves a series of aligners that are changed every two weeks. Aligners are manufactured individually according to your teeth straightening requirements. Your teeth will move little by little every time you replace each aligner. An align software is used which will show you a series of movements of your teeth, which goes through the course of the treatment.

This is basically an alternative used for wire braces. It involves use of transparent, incremental aligner that adjusts with your teeth. A multinational medical device company, Align Technology manufactures the aligners. This treatment process basically involves in taking a mold of the patient’s teeth through which a computerized model is prepared. The computer creates stages between the current and desired teeth position through which the actual molds are prepared.

When you compare conventional braces with this, the main disadvantages are cost and technical limitations in handling complex cases. However, the primary advantage of it is that it is visually more appealing and comfortable than your conventional braces. You can eat, brush and floss easily with it because it is a removable thing.

When you visit a dentist or an orthodontist to get your treatment done, it will start with taking x-ray photographs, a bite registration and polyvinyl silonane impressions of the patients’ teeth and gums. Now these dental impressions are sent to Align Technology. Here they are scanned with the help of computerized tomography scanner. This scanner will create a 3D digital representation of your teeth. With the help of a software program called Treat, some of the computer technicians will move your teeth to the desired location. Thus they create stages between the present and desired position of your teeth. Around ten to forty-eight aligners are prepared. Each aligner will move teeth up by 0.33 millimeters.

Before the aligners are manufactured, a presentation is made by using computer software called Clincheck. This presentation is sent to the doctor as well as the patient. Once approved by them, the aligners are manufactured. These aligners are modelled using software called CAD-CAM. A photo-sensitive liquid resin is use in layers to prepare the molds for the aligners. The liquid resin cures into a hard plastic when they are expose to laser. These molds are actually made of elastic thermoplastic material. This material exerts pressure to the teeth. Sometimes, reproximation is used at the contacts between teeth to allow for a better fit.

Thus this new technique is a very good invention for realignment of teeth and also the means to get a beautiful smile and appealing face.