The best professional physiotherapy in Hawthorn

professional physiotherapyA wide range of professional physiotherapy services in Hawthorn, Melbourne is offered by Mountain Physiotherapy and Associates. It has affiliations with the London Triathlon, Olympic Games, European Games, Commonwealth Games, Australian University Games and also the London Marathon. It is situated at a prime location in Hawthorn and offers patients with all the types of treatments for several symptoms. It also provides tools for making an optional recovery by self management. The professionals at physio hawthorn are capable of offering patients with good pain-free life. They also help the patients to return back to a full functional and healthy life.

For the convenience of their patients, a no-obligation appointment option is offered by the Mountain Physiotherapy and Associates. All the staffs are highly qualified as well as experienced. They work together to ensure to offer optimal care for the painful injuries of their patients. They recognize the difference in degrees – shapes, sizes and strengths of injuries among the patients. Sensible rehabilitation programs are also organized by them to help the patients to attain their personal goals.

In comparison to the other physiotherapy clinics, it is a multidisciplinary clinic that provides more services to their patients. All the clinicians in Mountain Physiotherapy and Associates are in constant contact with each other and work together as a team in order to make sure that every patient gets best possible effective treatment.

The special features of Mountain Physiotherapy area as follows –

  • No wait list – Receive treatment and therapy in 24 hours of a clinic visit.
  • Experienced clinicians – All the clinicians genuinely care about their patients and they all are licensed.
  • Prevention strategies – The clinicians properly train their patients how to fight back the recommencing pain on their own.
  • Flexible scheduling – Convenient scheduling around home and work obligations are provided by them.
  • Short and long term relief – The therapists generally focus on both the symptoms and the root cause of the pain of their patients.
  • Efficient recovery – Treatments are provided by professional physiotherapists of Mountain Physiotherapy in order to help their patients back to a pain free life as soon as possible.
  • Coverage options – Insurance plans like OHIP cover the treatment with minimal out-of-pocket fees.
  • Results – proven, one to one and evidence-based therapy.

Early intervention can help resist life ling chronic pain

Speedy recovery is possible by early intervention. As per research, people who seek therapy at an early phase of an injury have 8 times less chances of developing chronic pain and recovering quickly in a shorter period.


For fixing an appointment, contact the reception and the receptionist will help you get an appointment with the doctor as per your choice. A follow up appointment is generally 30 minutes long, whereas the first appointment takes around 45 minutes. This time is needed to accurately assess, treat and educate one about the recovery and injury of the patients. If any patient has multiple or complicated injury history to be assessed, then an hour long session is generally required. This clinic is open from Monday to Friday, 8am-8pm. You need to have referral for claiming your treatment through compensable body.